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ELS Burgas – Loss of Biodiversity & Rainforests


This information is about biodiversity in seas and oceans and on land. It explains what biodiversity is and how it is being threatened by pollution, climate change, and population growth. The loss of marine biodiversity is affecting the oceans and people by weakening the ecosystem, impacting food resources, and disrupting climate regulation. The transcript also provides solutions to help protect marine biodiversity, such as reducing carbon dioxide emissions and avoiding the disposal of products that harm endangered species and pollute the oceans. Overall, the message is that if we all work together, we can make a difference in preserving marine biodiversity.

Check a few links from the resources – do the tasks and try to avoid pollution through wrong waste disposal. The answers to the two tasks can be accessed by your teacher (provided in the Teacher Resource Pool).


The podcast was designed and recorded by students from “Geo Milev” English Language School in Burgas, Bulgaria.


This podacst explores
the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

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