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On the Grill – The Big Melt


Hi peeps, Sarah here! Alright, so… It’s easy to see why some people just ignore the climate crisis. Actively engaging with it all the time is really – really hard. You can end up feeling like you’re doing something wrong just by being a person. So, today, instead of curling up into a little ball and vowing to only eat twigs we figure out how to approach eating responsibly, learn the merits of munching insects, give ourselves a bit of a cosmic hug with Cheryl and bust our climate myth of the week: “Plants and animals can adapt to climate change” Plus, there is that whole thing where I trick Kyle into eating crickets… lol! This episode features interviews with: Cheryl Leutjen Cheryl is the* writer of LOVE EARTH NOW*, a book of simple and immediate exercises to prompt each of us to explore our ecoanxiety and gives us calls to action. “*Let’s connect and aid each other in discovering what each of us can do that will make a meaningful contribution at this time of great eco-upheaval.” *Cheryl chats with me about how to tackle feeling helpless for our planet but also make taking some small steps to help. It’s okay we can’t do it all, but it’s good to do SOMETHING and be proud of that!! 


Website: Website: IG: Twitter: **Sydney Koby **Sydney is a totally legit #GirllBoss. She invented recipes for cricket-based protein snacks and protein powders. Yeah don’t chirp me, you read that right, CRICKET PROTEIN. And honestly? They slap!! Absolutely delish and not at all icky, I promise. BITE Snacks Official Website IG: FB: BC Business Article: For more info and a chance to win a custom “The Big Melt” T-shirt, visit or the shownotes for this episode. We’d love to hear from you: Get in touch and share your thoughts at


This podacst explores
the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

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