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Rethink – Reuse – Recycle


This podcast of the two students Emily and Rosa dives into the world of recycling and sustainability. The podcast aims to empower and educate listeners on the significance of recycling for a greener future. In this episode they talk about the history behind recycling, how everything began, why recycling is so important, why everybody should contribute to recycling and ways to do so.  This episode will feature an expert from Austria, who answered some interesting questions. You are also going to hear people talking about their personal recycling methods. Have fun listening and start recycling!


Script: Emily Eder & Rosa Niederlechner

Recorded by: Emily Eder & Rosa Niederlechner

Music by: Uppbeat

Guests: Sue Tinston, Stefan Eder & Samuel Eder



This podacst explores
the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

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