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Understanding how we can take an action against the environment footprint and the consequences of the fashion industry


Why is fashion an environmental disaster? This is being discussed between Bruce Bratley, a CEO of a recycling company based in London and Dr Patsy Perry, a reader in fashion marketing who specialised in fashion supply chains, sustainability and fashion marketing.

Fashion has the 5th biggest environmental footprint on any UK business sector. Global supply fashion chains have, and online shopping have a big impact on that because more fashion is being produced and there is a great deal of more waste when it comes to this. More fashion is being produced; more resources are being used and there is an overconsumption. She discusses that there is a real problem in the UK (and in the developed countries in general) as they buy very often online and they buy a lot especially branded stuff. A lot of unused clothing is being thrown on landfills. The supply chain materials like the use of oil, how much plastic is used, polyester and how much cotton and water are used, all have an a huge impact on our environment. Most of the cotton clothing, for instance, will be made with high amounts of chemicals, only 1 per cent is organic. A lot of the manufacturing happens in India, Turkey and other places like this so that the manufacturer avoids a lot of labour costs. Then the rest of the sawing can happen in developing countries as it won’t be so labour intensive. Whatever one buys, be it cotton, synthetics or any other product – there is a huge a carbon impact and the consumers would not know this. For instance, the most eco efficient factory is based in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and there are very few factories like this in the world. In addition to this, the supply chains behind fashion are very complex and often hidden as it takes a lot of processes of transformation until it reaches the consumer. There are very few companies focusing on this currently. Dr Perry compares clothing nowadays to fast food.


”Wasted – the Green Impact Podcast with Bruce Bratley”


This podacst explores
the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

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