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ELS Burgas – Hitar Petar & His Shadow


A popular, short, anecdote-like story about a witty villager called Hitar Petar (Witty Peter in English) – though poor, he always outsmarts his opponents. A thought-provoking story about the need for compassion, but also the need to act, if you want to change your situation!

Listening comprehension:

1) Where did Hitar Petar go one day?
2) What did he have in his pocket?
3) Did he have any money?
4) Who did he see in the cookhouse?
5) What was the cookhouse selling?
6) What was coming out of the pot?
7) How did Hitar Petar make his bread tasty and soft?
8) Was Hitar Petar hungry? What did he eat?
9) Why was the red-faced man angry?
10) Did Hitar Petar pay for the steam of the soup?
11) Was Hitar Petar a rich man? Was he a clever man?

Optional: A worksheet with tasks and a suggested lesson plan. See the LINKS to them below.


A popular Bulgarian story translated and recorded by Valentina Atanasova, teacher at the “Geo Milev” English Language School in Burgas, Bulgaria.


This podacst explores
the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

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