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ELS Burgas – Land Pollution


A message by Denislava Marinova, grade 8, and her friend Melissa, ELS “Geo Milev”, Burgas, Bulgaria. Land pollution is a serious issue, as it affects the soil, whch in turn affects the vegetation and the animal life. However, this podcast reflects the issue from another viewpoint: land pollution slowly advances in the form of irregularly spread garbage. Listen to a research by two 8th grade students at the age of 14.

Listening comprehension:

1) What are the causes of land pollution, according to the audio?
2) What is “legacy pollution”?
3) Name 3 more types of land pollution that are mentioned.
4) How many locations where garbage is disposed of could you pick up?
5) Which is one of the most harmful contributors to land pollution?
6) Is farming a factor for land pollution?
7) Name 3 of the solutions offered for reducing land pollution.


The podcast was designed and recorded by students from “Geo Milev” English Language School in Burgas, Bulgaria.


This podacst explores
the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

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