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How Plastic Waste Is Converted Into Fuel At A New Plant In Indiana


Focus on how plastic transforms into fuel and raising awareness about the growing plastic pollution today. The most important takeaway from this video is the actual circular economy solution that provides an alternative to pumping crude oil out of the ground. Thus, recycling plastic waste results in sustainable energy production (the actual conversion technology remains a secret in the video).

The task develops listening (GIST + attention to detail) as well as cognitive skills: analysis, synthesis, reasoning, and conclusion.

Plastic pollution is an environmental problem. The Brightmark plant in Ashley, Indiana is the first of its kind in the U.S. to convert plastic waste into usable products, like wax and eco-friendly fuel, on a commercial scale. The company hopes its technology can help solve the growing problem of plastic waste. A useful material to help understand the power of innovation and technology.

The video should ideally be watched after some brainstorming on types of plastic waste + eliciting the following: styrofoam, array, bales (of plastic), shredding into pellets, ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel, place an order, net carbon-zero future, emissions, equation.

There are options for slowing down the video + watching with or without subtitles, also with an option for Google translated subs.

There is a Live Worksheet, related to this podcast (Online task on “How plastic waste turns into fuel”). See the LINK below.
It is interactive and can be done directly online, with 2 tasks that allow checking of the answers or direct e-mailing of the file to the teacher. (Digital options: download in pdf + add to Google Classroom and/or Microsoft Teams, or share through WhatsApp.)

Both the podcast and the live worksheet pave the ground for a debate or a discussion with arguments (pros & cons): “Is turning plastic waste into fuel socially and ecologically beneficial, taking into account the harmful emissions released in the air and the pollution caused by diesel-powered vehicles?”

Optional: Watch the podcast “How to fuel the future?” that reveals the growing necessity for renewable energy, focusing on oil as the most common type of fuel. See a LINK to it below.


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