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How to fuel the future?


Focus on oil as the most common type of fuel. Raising awareness about the growing necessity for renewable energy. Statistical data that inspires and gives “food for thought”: today’s global situation, the world’s dependency on oil, and ways to lessen that dependency (the U.S. example). Strategies to push down costs. A worrying 30% increase in global energy demand. The clever way: wind energy & electric cars boom (China). Important takeaway: global challenges and the urgent need to prevent the catastrophic global warming.

The task develops listening (GIST + attention to detail) as well as cognitive skills: analysis, synthesis, reasoning, and conclusion.

This video is a summary of one of the major problems today: the energy crisis. It presents the solutions that have recently been taking place and the perils that await humanity, should the world foolishly close its eyes and cover its ears. A thought-provoking and inspirational warning that points out the need for action.
The video should ideally be watched before follow-up activities for further research on solutions (ex: a podcast/video on plastic waste turned into fuel).

There are options for slowing down the video + watching with or without subtitles or changing the quality.

The material paves the ground for a discussion with arguments (pros & cons): “Has the energy crisis triggered a battle for global hegemony and how important are the eco-friendly technologies?”

Optional: Do an online test for listening skills, related to this podcast. See the LINK below.
Optional: Watch a video with a sustainable solution to the energy crisis: “How to turn plastic waste into fuel”? See a LINK to it below.


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This podacst explores
the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

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